What a Year for the Happidojo Club!

It has now been a year since Head Coach Colin McCallum (2nd Dan and UKCC Level 2 coach) took over the running, of what was originally Marham judo Club.

It was decided to keep it under the umbrella of Happidojo, (Main club in Cambridge) which is why it was renamed Happidojo Marham Judo Club in March 2014; and has since gone from strength to strength. The current  medal tally stands at 26 Golds, 28 Silvers and 41 Bronzes, with seven 5th Places. These medals have ranged from interclub, regional, county, ranking and national events. Tae Charlesworth is the current National A Band Gold Medallist, with Cameron McCallum coming 5th. Cailean McCallum and Neith Charlesworth are The British schools 2015 Bronze Medallists; and last but by no means least, Zachary McCallum came 5th at The British National Championships, and was selected to be on The England Squad for Pre-cadets.

The club has ran Club Gradings, promoting children and adults through the various mon/kyu grades, from beginners, right up to Black Belt. It has participated in Dan Gradings, which has seen Head coach Colin McCallum achieve his 2nd Dan, son Cailean McCallum achieve his 1st Dan, and coach Dave Henderson get 40 points towards his 1st Dan. As well as plugging away at Dan Gradings, the club has also had junior members achieve Junior Referee qualifications. Cailean McCallum – Gold Level, Zachary Mccallum-Silver Level, and Sarah Cusack, along with Neith and Rune Charlesworth achieve Bronze Level. Zachary and Paula McCallum are also Table Officials, with Colin McCallum a Senior Area Referee.

Coaching wise it has also been a very busy time, with continuing improvement on the cards. Coach Dave Henderson achieved his UKCC Level 1, and is aiming to take his UKCC Level 2 this year. Cailean McCallum is due to begin his UKCC Level 1 in April 2015, with Colin McCallum about to embark on a UKCC Level 3 (Advanced Coaching) in June 2015. The club also hopes to promote and run a First Steps in to Coaching course for teenagers; and is currently supporting The Yellow belt Challenge, which is run by The Fighting Chance Project.

Master Classes have been run at the club by Dave Southby, (6th Dan) and Steve Gawthorpe. (6th Dan) The club members have also been fortunate to attend Master Classes elsewhere, run by Colin Oates, Nekoda Davies, Sophie Cox, and Craig Fallon. All of this has been done, in an attempt to give the members a better insight into different techniques, and to get a real perspective of what is required to get to the top in this sport. As well as this the club have also been able to access the newly formed Eastern Area squad, which is being run by Dave Southby, with Colin McCallum and Dave Booth assisting him in this venture.

The club welcomes new members, from children and adults alike, (Including beginners) with the first lesson being free. The club also welcomes members from other martial arts, who are interested in cross training.

For further information please check out www.happidojomarhamjudoclub.btck.co.uk or alternatively ring Head Coach Colin McCallum on 07905278857.

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