Work Experience

I was fortunate enough to spend a week with the RAF Marham Photographic Section. During which, I experienced their role first hand, working at different areas around the base, attending a variety of jobs. The role of the RAF photographer is varied from PR, technical, identification pictures and aircraft photography.

All the jobs, however, were different and each required a different skill, showing the team to be extremely versatile. I was taught how to master simple techniques and adjustments on the camera that would prove most useful throughout the week.

Day three was particularly enjoyable, armed with my newly discovered photographic expertise and assigned Nikon D3 camera, I was taken out to the airfield where I was to photograph moving Tornado GR4. It was a challenge, but I greatly enjoyed it and was interesting to experience this area of the job. On the last day, I was also fortunate enough to photograph the cadets as they battled the obstacle course on the airfield, this was a chance to practise ‘uncontrolled’ action photography and get out in the field. It was great afternoon and I leant a lot from it.

The team at the Photographic Section were all so friendly and put me at ease; I felt truly involved in their team. I wish the placement had been for two weeks, because I feel I could have blossomed further, but what I did learn in the week will be incredibly helpful and I feel as if I got so much out of the week.

Words & Image By: Emma Beardmore

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