What is the Difference Between… 101 and 999 (not 898)?

Although the non-emergency crime number – 101, has been in existence for some time there is still some confusion about which number to ring when something does occur which we will now help to clarify.

Basically you must still ring 999 when it is a real emergency, for example you witness a crime is in progress, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

However, 101 should be used for all non-emergency calls, such as reporting stolen goods even if it is your car.

You may have witnessed a minor accident or unsocial behaviour, all of which should be reported on 101, unless of course the criminal activity is still in progress.

The 101 number is manned 24/7 by Police Call Handlers in the local control room and cost just 15p to make regardless of the time of call or its duration.

Again not all matters are reportable to the Police. For example if off the ‘patch’ you should continue to call your local council for things like reporting graffiti, dog fouling, abandoned vehicles, dumping and fly tipping and vandalism.

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