What Do We Mean by Ethos, Core Values & Standards?

Many of the you will have heard of the RAF Air Publication 1: Ethos, Core Values & Standards. Have you looked at it recently?

It is short booklet that is simple to read and easy to apply to many areas of your Service life. It also contains great advice for any reader who wishes to think about their own values. It first says that Royal Air Force ethos is:

‘Our distinctive character, spirit and attitude that is necessary to pull together as a team, in order to deliver air power no matter the challenges or environment. We place unit and Royal Air Force success above self and strive to be courageous in the face of adversity and risk. Sustained by strong leadership, high professional and personal standards, we are bound by a strong sense of tradition and belonging to an organization of which we are immensely proud.’

AP1 then focuses on four areas: Respect, Integrity, Service, and Excellence (RISE). In coming months I will be writing a short article on each of these, and on how you can apply them to everyday activity.

You will be aware that the Royal Air Force and other Armed Services exist to defend the United Kingdom and its interests and to strengthen international peace and stability. The use of force in military operations is what sets military personnel apart from all other professionals. The consequences of succeeding or failing are profound; the difficulties, risks and demands on you and me therefore make our task unique. To meet the many challenges that we face, we have to work closely together and have confidence and trust in each other. Ultimately, our success and our lives might depend on our comrades. The Royal Air Force needs people who will respond to a demanding way of life, who aspire to excellence, who share a sense of duty and commitment and who understand and live by our collective values. We want men and women whose personal qualities reflect the core values of the Royal Air Force. The nature of military operations makes great demands on individuals and teams, and it is important that these values are upheld both on and off duty. These core values can be extremely demanding for Royal Air Force personnel both on operations and equally at home-base. Always remember that your values and behaviour affect not only you as an individual but also your colleagues and the way Royal Air Force Marham and our Service is viewed by others. I will start looking at RISE next month with Respect.

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