TMI! The Marham Interview… OR Too Much Information?

This month we speak to Cpl James Bellward who is a PTI at RAF Marham, here’s what he had to say…

Fact File
Name: James Bellward
Born: Brighton, but grew up in Cornwall
Job History and Job title: Former PE teacher, now Cpl PTI
Time at RAF Marham: Arrived at RAF Marham May 2014

What is your role at RAF Marham?
My role in the PEd Flt ranges from taking directed physical education lessons and lunchtime circuits to providing assistance for aircrew performing sea survival drills. The PEd Flt also conducts six fitness tests a week, a swimming test, three spin classes and offers a range of sports. We give regular support to all the station’s sports clubs and can provide personal training programmes to help personnel achieve their goals. The PEd Flt also organises adventurous training, with myself currently organising Expedition Vixen Eagle, which involves Nordic skiing in Germany. It’s not all fitness related as I have adopted the paint brush this week as we continue to make improvements to the gym.

What are your interests?
Outside of work is pretty similar as I am into sport, travel and the outdoors. I’ve even combined both my hobbies by running very fast at the annual ‘Bull Run’ in Pamplona. Running and Triathlon are my main sports and I hope to gain some RAF titles in the near future.

Guilty Pleasure?
A few biscuits. But it’s ok if you’re burning it off!

Something not many people know about me…
I once jumped into the sea for 170 days (June to November) in a row to raise money for charity.

I can’t get through the day without…?
Some decent coffee.

Beer or Wine?
Beer if in Belgium, otherwise red wine.

Dream Car?
Shelby Mustang.

Who Inspires you?
Haile Gebrselassie.

If you could be Stn Cdr for the day, what would you do?
Have an inter section paintball competition across the whole station.

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