THINK Before You Refuse an Offer of Service Family Accommodation

If you refuse the offer for personal reasons you will be placed on a waiting list but there is no guarantee of when, or indeed whether, a future offer will be made.

You may also see others being allocated SFA ahead of you. You should be aware that you are not likely to be granted permission to retain SFA at your old duty station and therefore you may need to make your own arrangements for accommodation whilst you wait for a second offer.

There may also be other ramifications to consider. For example, where the Service person is deemed to be serving “voluntarily separated” because the family chose to stay where they are, your entitlement to CEA (if you claim it) may be denied and may lead to your being required to make repayments of CEA.

Please seek advice before rejecting an offer. If you receive an offer of SFA but are not happy with it, for whatever reason, DON’T immediately reject it.

Please contact the SCSO, WO PMS or the Chief Clerk who will liaise with the HASC, particularly if there are any medical or welfare grounds which may need to be taken into consideration.

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