The Queen’s Birthday Honours List

The following personnel were honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

The Meritorious Service medal has been awarded to WO Dave Carruthers, WO Ann McLean, Flt Sgt Keith Potter and Flt Sgt Duncan Masters. This medal is awarded in recognition of good, faithful, valuable and meritorious service. The nominations for this award are made by the Commanding Officer and only 60 Meritorious Service medals are awarded across the Royal Air Force each year.

The following people have been awarded commendations:
• DCOM Commendation
• WO Trevor Sturrock
• SAC Liam Grime

Air Officer Commanding No 1 Group Commendation
Flt Sgt Iain Stannett, Flt Sgt Dave Willey, Sgt Mick Goddard, Sgt Colin Scutt, Cpl David Dean, SAC(T) A Brown, SAC Emlyn Sandvig, Mrs Stevie Lewis, Mr Tom Smith, Mrs Debbie Speers, Miss Claire Watt, Mrs Michaela Webb and Mr Ken White.

Commendations are awarded to personnel who have demonstrated consistently high standards of efficiency and devotion to duty, over and above that normally expected of them.  Commendations are awarded sparingly and only in exceptional circumstances.

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