The Marham Community Library Undergoes Reorganisation

The RAF Marham Community Library is currently undergoing a period of reorganisation, this involving the restocking of books, reissue of membership cards and changes to the internal layout.

In order to assist in the collection of outstanding books a fines amnesty was introduced which resulted in a number of books that had been absent from the library being returned. However, there are still a number that have not been returned and all those with books outstanding are in the process of being contacted.

The updating of the membership register is also being undertaken and those wishing to remain a member or to join the library are being asked to complete a new membership application form, after which members will be issued with barcoded membership cards, thus simplifying the issue and return of books. Membership forms are available from the Hive or the Marham Hub site where they can be completed on line.

The revamp also envisages a new information facility, with access to DII and JPA, Wi-Fi and a reading area being set aside where individuals can relax with a newspaper, magazine or book. Although it has been necessary to close the library during the reorganisation, it is still possible to loan or return books, with the Hive providing access. In addition, the external courses – Story Sacks and Children’s Reading Groups are continuing, with more courses being planned.

Volunteers are still being sought to assist in the reorganisation and future running of the library and anybody wishing to provide voluntary support to the Library should contact Flt Lt Gary Walker, OC Community Support or just drop by the Hive for more details.