Team Kiliclimb Clean Up in Charity Car Wash

Team Kiliclimb continue to work hard on their fund raising ready for the climb which will take place over 10 days during October.

The Kiliclimb team joined forces with the RAF Marham Fire Section last month and washed cars to raised valuable funds for the event, which hopes to raise thousands for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

The volunteers managed to wash about 40 cars, including the Station Commanders and raised £350.  The Fire Section have an annual car wash in aid of a charity, this year it was decided to support the Kiliclimb team, Sgt Graves said, “we thought this would raise awareness of the team and raise funds.”

There will be a team of seven climbers, made up of servicemen, their wives and BAe Systems personnel.  One of the team is the Station Commanders wife, Kate Davies, who added, “We will be gone for 10 days, even though it only takes 8 to climb it. The altitude is the main issue and one third of people don’t reach the summit; I have always wanted to do it. One of the wives approached me about it last year. She is doing it as well, it’s a challenge. My boys are proud of everything their Dad does; I want to make them proud of me as well.”

The climb is one of RAF Marham’s 100 events to celebrate the station’s centenary this year. Many other events are planned for the remainder of the year, with some already completed.  The challenge to complete 100 events was launched in January and the station is well on target to complete this, resulting in thousands of pounds raised for good causes.  A charity boxing match, a centenary display at the Royal Norfolk Show and a special tail fin painted on a Tornado tail are a few examples, with the most dramatic (or crazy!) to date – when an RAF Officer ran 100 miles in under 24 hours!!

The Kiliclimb team are steadily preparing both through their on-going fund raising, and by getting physically fit and sourcing equipment and suitable kit.  The team will be sleeping on a roll up mat and there will be no room for luxuries.  For some in the team this will be a totally new experience; rough camping and living on the mountain. The summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is 19,341ft (5895m) making it the highest mountain in Africa, but accessible via a trek which must be done slowly so as to avoid altitude sickness. No specialist mountaineering experience is required but climbers must be physically fit and prepared to pace themselves.

If you would like to support the team with their fundraising please go to: