Tail Art Sortie

The three tail art Tornados took to the skies on the 23rd January as part of a training sortie. These stunning images were captured by RAF Photographer Cpl Tim Laurence.

The formation were led by Gp Capt Cab Townsend who said: “I was immensely proud to have led the ‘Tail Art’ formation, our first event which celebrates the imminent retirement of the Tornado after almost 40 years of service.
“The success of the sortie was borne out of the outstanding Whole Force support at RAF Marham who remain focussed on sustaining Tornado operations and are as committed today as they were in 1982 when the first Tornado landed at the Station.”
This was the first outing for the ‘Camo jet’ which had managed to go unseen on its journey from Serco on the domestic site to the HAS site. The other two aircraft had been spotted by members of the enthusiast community on their journeys across the airfield and leaked to social media ahead of official photographs being taken.
We were able to let the general public know that the sortie would be taking place, and, with the kind permission of the landowner, a parking/viewing area was organised for the enthusiast community.