SSAFA Awards Ceremony

SSAFA hosted a Long Service Awards ceremony for RAF Marham SSAFA representatives through the hard work and contributions for long service to assisting SSAFA, taken at the Officers Mess, RAF Marham on 14 July 2021.

SSAFA saw reason for celebration with an awards ceremony recognising long service for committee members and Community Volunteers (CV). FS Ridgway, Sgt Thompson and Cpl Felton each received 10-year Long Service Awards and Mrs O’Brien was presented with a 5-year Service award. The volunteers received a certificate and a silver effect crest pin badge for their selfless service and commitment to helping others.

FS Ridgway has experienced all roles within SSAFA committee and as a CV over the last 10-years and uses this knowledge to support members within the In-Service Committee and SSAFA House.  Further dedication was shown whilst on a recent deployment she remained committed to the Treasurer role and SSAFA remotely.

Sgt Thompson received a 10-year award for her continuous management as CV Co-Ordinator and excellent liaison with SSAFA House, in addition to being honoured at a national level within the SSAFA community.  

Cpl Felton is an excellent volunteer who has taken on the role of Deputy CV Co-Ordinator, stepping up and covering the responsibilities when called upon providing support for over 10-years.

Mrs O’Brien is a dedicated and hard-working volunteer, whose dedication to SSAFA is exemplary.  She is recognised for the support that she has shown both her clients and the ISC team, thus being awarded for her 5 years’ service.

SSAFA Thank you

SSAFA would also like to thank Marham Flyers Running Club for their £1000 donation raised by the New Year 10k event. This was presented to the Charity by Maj (Rtrd) Gary Walker; it is much appreciated and will be used to support families and the community.

SSAFA Be involved

If you would like to be involved in supporting your community through difficult times – please express your interest in becoming a SSAFA volunteer or organising a fund-raising event.  Any time you can offer is so valuable to others, be it one hour a week, or ad hoc needs.

For details on the different roles and how you can help get others though tough times:

SSAFA website – or 

SSAFA RAF Marham In Service – Cttee on Facebook 

walk-in to SSAFA House – Call: 07773 636647

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