Simply Black & White

As photographer Jerry Sparrow noted “Many a photographer has turned a spare bathroom or a corner of their basement into a darkroom. If you are able to create a custom darkroom you are truly one of the fortunate ones.”

This is exactly what members of RAF Marham’s photographic section have done.

They have transformed a former graphics office into both a darkroom area to print and process black and white films and a classroom area where they will hold tutorials, guest speakers and discussions.

This exciting new project was made possible through a self help scheme and a very generous donation of £3,000 from the Nuffield Trust.

With years of experience between them Flt Sgt Graham Spark, Cpl Ash Keates and SAC Tracey Dobson intend to teach this traditional craft to the Marham Community, from serving personnel, their families to youth and force development groups.

Opened by the Station commander Gp Capt David Cooper this fantastic new facility will be a place where people can go to learn many skills about black and white photography ‘Old School Style’ but where they can learn many skills that will influence how they take photographs in today’s digital world.

Arranged on the wall of the classroom is a piece of art work itself – over a hundred small black and white photographs to inspire; moving and beautiful portraits, famous events, sensational landscapes, historic moments, sport, wildlife and of course plenty of tornados!

As SAC Tracey Dobson notes “Having run an evening session with Marham Cubs and Scouts showing them all about digital photography, it will be great to show them this traditional craft and to see the fascination and excitement that you only get from seeing the black and white image slowly appear before your eyes in the developing trays.”

If you would like to get involved or if you have any old photography equipment you are willing to donate to the Community Darkroom please call RAF Marham on 01760 337261 Ext: 7149.