Service Family Accommodation

Introducing your Customer Assistance Point (CAP) Co-ordinator, Melanie Reed.

Having lived in Service Family Accommodation (SFA) for the past ten years, I fully understand the needs of service families here at Marham and want to help ensure we deliver and maintain an excellent level of customer service to families living in SFA at Marham.

My role is to provide an opportunity for face-to-face discussion about any issues you may have with the services provided by your landlord, Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and their maintenance contractor, MODern Housing Solutions (MHS) – so these can be investigated and any relevant actions taken.

If there are any particular issues or areas regarding housing where you would like any help/advice please call into my office which is co-located with the SCSO at 3 Woodview Road. The CAP opening times are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 1000 – 1330 hrs.

In this issue I would like to offer some advice/ tips on minimising condensation and preventing mould.

As we move towards the cooler months heating starts to be required and ventilation in the home is often reduced by windows and doors not being open as often, as a result one thing which can become an issue is condensation and mould.

Condensation is produced when warm moist air or steam meets a cold surface such as windows, walls or floors. If left, this can lead to mould on walls and potentially damage clothes and furnishings.

Controlling condensation and preventing mould is generally a matter of minimising sources of water vapour and finding the right balance between heating and ventilation in the home.

Some tips for reducing condensation and avoiding mould include:
• Do not put damp clothes over a radiator as this creates moisture
• Where possible ventilate rooms by opening the window slightly to allow moist air to escape
• Use extractor fans in the kitchen and bathroom and keep lids on pans when cooking
• Never block or cover air bricks, flues and ventilators
• Ensure your house does not fall below 15°C
• Mop up condensation with kitchen towel and wash off mould on walls or window frames using a domestic ‘mould and mildew remover’, following the manufacturers instructions

If you continue to have problems with condensation and mould after following the above guidelines please call the MHS Customer Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000, or call into the CAP office. We will arrange for a Technical Officer to visit with a damp meter to determine the likely cause of the problem and recommend suitable actions.