Service Childrens Network

Who are we?
We are a group of over 150 education and welfare professionals working collaboratively with members of the Military community to encourage and facilitate the provision of high-quality support to Service Children and their families. Our wider membership now numbers over 500 people.

What are our aims?
• To promote wider understanding of the specific needs of Service Children and their families.
• To offer effective support and advice to professionals who work with Service Children and their families.

We believe that the specific needs of Service Children and their families are frequently overlooked, often for no other reason than a lack of knowledge and understanding of the pressures placed upon them and the issues they face. This is perhaps understandable given the lack of dedicated research and policy guidance relating to Service issues within the UK. However, it is encouraging to know that across the Country, pockets of excellent practice and small-scale research to support Service Children and families can be found.

We believe that it is vital that educational and welfare professionals be made aware of the challenges that can arise as a result of military life and the potential impacts that they can have on children and their educational attainment.

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