Introduction to Rolls-Royce Service Delivery Centre Manager.

“I’ve joined the Rolls-Royce RAF Marham Based team from the Civil Aerospace Sector, most recently based with our Operations Centre which provides 24×7 365 day cover for the 4,000+ engines in service, processing 500,000 flying hours of aircraft data per month. Previous roles include supporting Commercial airlines and managing Rolls-Royce operations on-site with Gulfstream Aerospace, which included the introduction of the G650 Corporate aircraft powered by the Rolls-Royce BR725. Each customer presented their own unique challenges and I’m hoping that the lessons learnt will be useful in enhancing our relationship and support to the RAF.

Two months into my new role as Rolls-Royce Service Delivery Centre Manager I’m excited to be able to utilise my Civil Aerospace knowledge and contacts in order to kick-off a focus on On-Wing Service innovation here at RAF Marham. Over the next few weeks you’ll see new technologies onsite and our challenge as a joint Rolls-Royce and RAF Engineering team will be to develop methods that maximise engine time on wing and minimise maintenance burden.

I look forward to working with you and happy to be part of the RAF Marham team. Any questions Email:”

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