Rocket Ron hangs up his Beret

The rain stopped and the clouds parted just long enough for WO Ron Bennett to be marched off the Station. With over 41 years of service it was finally time for “Rocket Ron” to leave the unit.

After being presented an engraved decanter and a Rolls Royce glass plate he proudly sat atop an RB199 ECU. He was pulled from the Station by members of the PST. The “Pulling Team” all wore Welsh rugby shirts, some reluctantly. Officers, WO and other station personnel formed up in a flight behind the engine.

As the engine reached the main gate he dismounted and marched the last few paces escorted by the Station Commander. In the finest traditions of the RAF, Gp Capt Rochelle exchanged the WO beret for bowler hat and handed him his veteran’s pass.

With a slight change to the normal protocols, Mr Bennett marched at the head of the column as it returned to SHQ.

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