Register of Electors

The Government is requiring all Electoral Registration Officers in England & Wales, except London, to publish a revised Register of Electors on 16th October this year instead of 1st December. This is in readiness for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections scheduled for 15th November.

As a result, the annual electoral registration process needs to take place earlier than usual. A form and reply paid return envelope will therefore begin to be personally delivered to every property in West Norfolk from early July. Completion and return of the form is both obligatory and important because the Register is used not just for electoral purposes but also by many financial service providers dealing with, for example, mortgages, loans or new accounts. Anyone whose name is not on the Register will not only be unable to vote on November 15th and at next year’s County Council elections but will also be likely to have problems using any service that involves a check of the Register.

The form is intended for the present occupiers of an address. The name of anyone aged 16 or over who is expected to be resident at the address on 15th October needs to be on the form and the names of anyone no longer at the address crossed out. The date of birth of anyone aged 16 or 17 will also be required. If any changes to your household occur after the form has been completed but on or before 15th October please contact the Helpline immediately. The number is 01553 616773.

Forms received by owners of properties which are either already empty or are expected to be so on 15th October simply need the “Property empty on 15th October” box ticking and returning. This will avoid the issue of reminders. The same applies to any received by households occupied solely by US citizens. They should tick the “All residents not entitled to vote” box, write “USA” beside it and return the form.

In the event of any queries when the form arrives, householders can telephone the Helpline and any of the electoral staff will be glad to assist.

Due to the much earlier Register publication date, prompt return of the form or, better still, confirmation by freephone, internet or SMS (details on the form) would be very helpful. It will also of course avoid the need for reminders and help to keep costs down.

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