RAF Marham Welfare Lodges


On 1st July 2013 Air Commodore Beet, ACOS Pers Pol, and Mr Patrick Randall, RAFA, officially opened the Marham Welfare Lodges following their refurbishment.

Thanks to generous donations from both the Royal Air Force Central Fund and the Royal Air Force Association, the Community Support Team have been able to make the necessary improvements to these extremely popular and valuable assets that serve our service community and dependants so well.

The Marham Lodges provide short-term accommodation for family or friends of personnel at Marham. This includes parents maintaining contact with children from a previous marriage, families requiring housing during domestic difficulties, or people whose parents or nearest relatives are visiting. However, demand for the use of the Welfare Lodges is huge and anybody wishing to use them should plan well in advance or risk disappointment. Furthermore the prime use of the Lodges is for the short notice housing of urgent Welfare/Compassionate cases as determined by OC PMS/OC PSF/WO PSF and all other bookings and indeed occupancy are subject to short notice cancellation. A recent quote taken from a guest book is “As a regular visitor to Marham, we have enjoyed a lovely stay in the renovated lodge. They look much more homely and are exceedingly well equipped.”

The booking deposit is £75 but is fully refundable if the property is free of any damage on vacating. The Welfare Lodges are categorised accordingly and prices as of 1st October 2013 are as follows:

Priority 1:
Charge will be discretionary
Welfare or compassionate issues as directed by OC PMS, OC PSF or the Chf Clk (or their authorised deputies).

Priority 2:
Charge £15 per night
Divorced/separated/estranged personnel who normally “live in” but have contact rights with their children and require alternative accommodation in order to be temporarily reunited with them.

Priority 3:
Charge £30 per night
Personnel occupying family quarters at RAF Marham who require or wish to occupy temporary alternative accommodation in order to prepare for a “March In/Out.”

Priority 4:
Charge £30 per night Monday to Thursday, £35 per night Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Other personnel with a need for additional accommodation for friends or relatives visiting for a short period, or for those wishing to attend social functions but who are unable to book Service accommodation. However, a booking request from a higher priority will be considered in favour of a lower one up to seven days before the expected date of occupancy; beyond this point a booking will stand irrespective of priority. However, should a priority 1 booking arise, it will take precedence over all other bookings.

If you would like to book a Welfare Lodge, please contact Mrs Nikki Savage 01760 446136 or Mrs Natalie Warner 01760 337261 Ext: 7425 in the HIVE.

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