RAF Marham Supporting Sport Relief

In just 12 hours the RAF Marham Catering Flight ran the equivalent of a Marathon, rowed the length of the Thames and cycled the width of the UK!

Corporal Reece Holt, a chef from RAF Marham’s Junior Ranks Mess and the driving force behind the challenge, swapped his chefs whites for sports kit as he took part in the 2014 Sport Relief Challenge. The challenge began at five o’clock in the morning in the entrance to the Junior Ranks Mess where Cpl Holt had set up bikes, cross trainers and rowing machines to take on the challenge of 26 miles of running, 215 miles of rowing and 301 miles of cycling. The team recieved sponsorship to cover these distances within just 12 hours.

Raring to go at the start line were SAC Grant Worsley, SAC Adam Warner, SAC William Salmon, Cpl Carl Findon, Cpl Anthony Brookes and Cpl Reece Holt. The challenge was done as a relay; while waiting to take their turn team mates encouraged colleagues around the RAF base to support the challenge and give generously.

In between his stretch on the bike, Cpl Holt said, “I wanted to do something to raise money for Sport Relief. In the past this charity has put money into the local schools and I have seen the difference that Sport Relief money has made. It has definitely benefited my local area.”

He added, “By roping in my colleagues from the Catering Flight, it has opened up the possibilities of what we could achieve. I wanted to stay true to this year’s theme of running, cycling and swimming, but have had to swap the swimming for rowing as we are doing this challenge in the entrance to the Mess!

At the half way point the team were well on track to meeting their target and well over £1,000 had already been raised, as personnel from the base began arriving for their lunch the total looked set to rise.

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