RAF Marham Station Warrant Officer Made Honorary Command Chief at RAF Mildenhall

The Station Warrant Officer for RAF Marham, WO Steve Roberts MBE was recently invited to become an Honorary Command Chief for the 100th Air Refuelling Wing based at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk.

At an informal luncheon WO Roberts was welcomed by the Base Commander Col Kenneth Bibb Jr and also by the Wing Command Chief Master Sgt Tracy Jones. As part of the inauguration ceremony the SWO received a brief on the unit mission, current output and history of the Wing.

The Honorary Commanders also took part in a competitive team building event and viewed aircraft on the flight line. The SWO (pictured with Chief Master Sgt Tracy Jones) also took part in a retreat ceremony outside the Station Headquarters at RAF Mildenhall. The Honorary Commander programme helps to build vital relationships throughout East Anglia, with key members of local business and government, who are invited to become honorary commanders in different areas of the base. ‘’The Command Chief for the 100th Air Refuelling Wing (ARW), is the equivalent of the SWO’’ stated WO Roberts, ‘’and it is indeed a privilege o become part of team Mildenhall.”

WO Roberts was delighted when the invitation was received from the 100th ARW. Stating that ‘’It is so important that we foster closer relations and understanding with our coalition partners. If we can get to know each others strengths and differences at home before we serve together overseas, then when we do serve together on operations, it is all made that much easier as we are already aware of how we function.”

The Station Commander of RAF Marham and the Station Warrant Officer are keen to foster and develop our special relationship with the USAF. To that end there will be an invite for a number of the 100th ARW to visit during our Friends and Families day in August and leading up to that the SWO will be inviting up to 25 Mildenhall personnel to visit the RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre and then hopefully to view a Tornado.

Volunteers are requested from around the Station to help to host future visits to the Unit by 100th ARW personnel. Volunteers should be from across the Station and rank structure. In return they will form the team for visits to Mildenhall when invited.

Can volunteers please provide names to the SWO.

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