RAF Marham Road Safety Event

RAF Marham MTTT&L are hold a Road Safety Event from the 5th to the 7th July, for all RAF Marham personnel and their dependants. The Events are as follows;

• Spot checks on the main gate.
• Driving with beer goggles on to show the effects of driving while under the influence of alcohol, a member from MTTT&L will sit in with the driver and guide them through.
• Police Camera Van will go to all messes at lunch time for personnel to have a look at and to learn more about them.

Presentations by
• Member from Norfolk Constabulary
• Andy Micklethwaite – Norfolk County Council Road Safety Officer (Motorcyclists), Green Road (DRIVES) Representative.
• Presentations will be held in the main briefing room at 1330.
• Each presentation will last 45 minutes to 1 hour each.

• Skid Car. This will be a great opportunity for drivers to learn vital skills if they lose control of their car.
• Green Road (DRIVES) Drive, where personnel will have the chance to drive with a Green Road instructor to be given great tips on improving their Eco driving for their own vehicles and service vehicles to save them and the MoD money.

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