RAF Marham Police Dog Section Open Day

On the 19th April 2011 during the Easter half term school holiday, the Royal Air Force Police Dog Section at RAF Marham held their first open day for all service personnel and their families. The sun was shining, the crowds were arriving, and the only thing left to see was how the dogs would behave!

Once all the visitors had been welcomed, a kennel tour was given along with a brief on the different classifications of our dogs. This ranges from patrol to Arms Explosive Search and how the dogs are employed on operations worldwide, including Afghanistan and the Falklands Islands. An explanation was then given of the equipment used to train patrol dogs followed by demonstrations of the dogs’ capabilities.

The first was performed by Cpl Gleadle and Military Working Dog (MWD) Sadie they tackled the agility course and performed for the first time together the perfect plank walk, showing the dogs versatility at negotiating various obstacles they may encounter whilst on patrol.

Cpl Woodfield and MWD Alfie followed by demonstrating off lead obedience. After a short demonstration of heel work Alfie performed a few of his party tricks the most notable being his double jump through the arms of Cpl Woodfield. Not too bad for a ten year old boy!

Cpl Neil and MWD Jimi on their first public outing would close the patrol segment with a demonstration of an attack work out. The intruder (fully protected in his training suit) made off in an aggressive manner hurling abuse at Cpl Neil, and then Jimi was off. He made light work of his run in and hit the intruder with all four paws in the back showing he meant business, resulting in the intruder being successfully detained, after he hit the dirt.

The closing act of the day was conducted by Cpl Gill and Billy the English springer spaniel who is the youngest dog on the section. This display included the participation of some of the children from the crowd who hid weapon parts under the careful guidance of Cpl Letten. Billy was then released to search the area and much to the delight of everyone located the items and gave the classic sit stare indication.

The final highlight of the day was when visitors actually got hands on with some of the dogs. A good day was had by all and the dog section would like to pass on their thanks to all those who managed to attend.

If anyone has any queries on dog training or any questions relating to dogs please feel free to ring Cpl Woodfield or Cpl Gill I/C Dog Section on Ext: 7384.

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