RAF Marham Afghanistan Memorial Run

PTI Flight Sergeant Darrel Keane, brought together colleagues from across the base to raise money for three service charities in the Afghanistan Memorial Run.

Personnel from RAF Marham have run together to honour the 453 fallen servicemen and women who lost their lives on operations in Afghanistan. For every person who lost their life on operations in Afghanistan, a person from RAF Marham ran a mile in their honour and placed their photograph on a Memorial Wall. There was no shortage of volunteers with the 453 places being  oversubscribed very quickly. The event ran throughout the whole day and culminated in the evening with the Memorial Wall being completed and a service to remember the fallen.

The Cherry Infant and Junior Schools and the Rainbow Centre joined in the event, with teachers and pupils braving the rain and icy winds. Sponsorship was raised and all proceeds went to the RAF Benevolent Fund, the Army Benevolent Fund and the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.

The poignant service took place in the gymnasium after the final runs had been completed where the Senior Chaplain Rev (Wg Cdr) Ashley Mitchell, said, “Our hope and our prayer today is that our small efforts, will go some way, to help and support all those whose lives have been irrevocably changed, through loss or injury in recent years.” He went on to speak of the work done by the three service charities supported in the event and added, “through our fundraising and their efforts may healing and light be brought to their brokenness and darkness.”

Money is still being donated, but the latest total was in excess of £9,500 Flight Sergeant Keane said, “I am overwhelmed by the support for the Memorial Run. The whole Station has got behind the event to make it a very  poignant and successful day. The atmosphere has been both uplifting and emotive with everyone turning out to show their respects and support the three service charities.”

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