RAF Catering Skills Competition 2012

This years Royal Air Force Catering Skills competition was held in Food Services Wing at the Defence Logistics School, Worthy Down between the 30th to 31st May 2012.

The competition commenced with a meet and greet on the evening of the 29th saw both competitors and their supporters who had travelled from Stations across the country to compete in this annual event get together prior to commencement of competition challenges. Marham’s Catering Flt represented more than a third of all entries at the competition. FS Gill the Junior Ranks Mess senior catering manager gathered together this large catering team to represent this premier fast jet base, his management and mentoring of the team proved invaluable in our bid for medals.

Marham’s competitors started early on the morning of the 30th prepping, cleaning and arranging their ingredients/equipment prior to their competition. All classes were hotly fought between competitors throughout the two days of competition with Marham’s caterers at the forefront of all activity. Not only were they trying to prepare for their own events but were helping other competitors through theirs as well. Praise here must go to Cpl Carrie Coats who was not only mentoring our own caterers, but without being asked helped and guided several other competitors from units who had turned up without support.

Congratulations must go to all our competitors who competed in fine individual and team performances. They displayed outstanding standards of skill and attitude that was a credit not only to TG 19 but also to RAF Marham Catering Flt. That said, thanks must go to the whole of the Catering Flt. To those who competed and especially all those that stayed behind to ensure Marham fed its personnel.

The following awards were gained by our catering personnel:

Open Pasta
LAC Scott, Certificate of Merit

Open Pasta
SAC Barton, Bronze Medal

Jnr Lamb
SAC Dutton, Certificate of Merit

Jnr Fish
SAC Kelly, Certificate of Merit

Jnr Fish
LAC Worsley, Bronze Medal

Jnr Pork
LAC Rudd, Bronze Medal

Jnr Steward
SAC Williams, Silver Medal

Snr Caterer
SAC Shaw, Silver & Best in Class

Open Caterer
SAC Lyon, Silver Medal

0900 Cold Salon Display
Cpl Beavis, Silver Medal & Best in Class

Jnr Chicken
SAC Parr, Certificate of Merit

Jnr Chef of the Year
SAC Cook, Certificate of Merit

Cook and Serve
SAC Fryer/Haines/Barton, Gold Medal & Best in Class

Snr Fish
SAC Woodcock, Bronze Medal

Snr Chef of the Year
Cpl Beavis, Gold Medal

Open Field Challenge
Cpl Blows, SAC Jones, LAC Salmon, Silver Medal