Pets in Your Home

If you wish to have pets in your home then you need to apply to the Housing Allocation Service Centre (HASC) in writing. Most domestic animals are allowed but larger animals such as horses and pigs are not allowed in SFA.

Please remember to check your pets regularly for parasites and fleas and treat them accordingly.

You should ensure that carpets, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings are kept clean and stain treated immediately so they do not cause long term damage.

When you leave your home on posting etc. you should ensure carpets have been treated with the appropriate pesticide or deodoriser if you have had cats or dogs; if an infestation re-occurs shortly after you have left then you may be liable for further charges for any treatment required.

DIO Ops have produced a leaflet with further information to help you look after your pets, available in the CS Hub or at

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