Parking Near the Schools

It’s nearly the end of the school holidays and your little treasures are going back to school.

The rush of getting everyone into the car, remembering their lunches, their PE kit, looking round to tell them to stop fighting and BANG!

Yes – you’ve hit someone’s car, or worse, a child. Parking around the schools is a major problem especially if cars are parked on the path or double parked outside the school gates.

There is additional parking at the rear of the Infants School; you can also park in the Ash Road Garage area, but remember not to block the garages themselves.

There are also parking spaces on the corner of Elm and Fen Road which can be used and are close to the schools.

If you have children attending the Junior School in the village then you can take advantage of the track which runs from the back of quarters, rear of the garages on Fen Road, to the side of the school.

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