Parking Infants School: Rainbows

With the increase in the numbers of children, using the Infants school and Rainbows, parking has become an issue.

This has caused several incidents of occupants being blocked in and being unable to get to work or to hospital appointments. The parking issue now has got to the stage where the local authority and police, with the support of the Station, have agreed that action needs to be taken.

As of the 1st May 2011, parking outside the Infant school, Rainbows and surrounding roads will be monitored (for a 6 month period) and anyone found to be parking illegally will be warned of the action which may be taken if they persist to ignore the Road Traffic regulations.Additional parking has been identified to the rear of the Infant school, parking in the Ash Road Garages, access is via Ash Road. Please do not block the front of the garages

Please help by parking correctly, not blocking the front of drives, drive with care and allow extra time for your journey.

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