MODern Housing Solutions (MHS) to Offer Text Message Reminders

MHS has introduced a new service to provide text message reminders to confirm appointments, following the successful introduction of the option of an email to confirm appointments, rather than a letter, earlier this year.

This new text message service will mean that customers calling in to raise a job will have the option to receive a text alert the day before (for morning, or all day appointments) or the morning of the appointment (for school run or afternoon appointments).

This will provide customers with better information about their request for repairs or maintenance – and it will act as a handy reminder for busy families.

How the new service works
When a customer raises a job with the MHS Helpdesk:
• After the job details have been taken, the Helpdesk Advisor will explain how the new process works as well as informing the customer that they can ‘opt-out’ of this service at any time.
• If the customer is happy to receive an email confirmation, they will be asked to provide an email address and the details of the response job raised will be emailed to the customer almost immediately.
• Additionally, the customer will be asked if they would like to receive a text alert. If they agree,  they will be asked to provide a mobile telephone number. Text alerts can also be arranged for following visits and may include multiple jobs. If the customer cancels an appointment and arranges a new appointment the text alert will be sent before the new date.

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