Marham Junior School

12th March 2012

Dear Community,

You may have heard our sad news recently. At Marham Junior School we regularly hold book fairs to encourage the children to read, as well as offer each of them a wide range of enjoyable books to purchase. As part of the book fair our library receives a percentage of commission for new books which are then available for the children to take out on loan to enjoy.

Unfortunately, during our last book fair over £200 in notes was taken from the school.

Obviously both the children, staff and parents were shocked and incredibly upset by this and it meant that the school library would forfeit its commission and consequently receive no new books.

Although this was a terrible thing to happen to the school, the outcome has had a very positive effect upon all of us in recognising what a strong and caring community we have. We would like to thank the many parents, children and people within the local community for their generosity and support to the school for the missing book fair money. We have had an overwhelming response and donations from many people since hearing the news; even receiving donations from people within the community without children currently at the school. We can not begin to describe how delighted and uplifted the children and staff are to have such strong support behind us.

With your support, the donations we’ve received have almost matched the money taken.

We simply cannot thank everybody enough and will be sending personal thanks to all those involved. We’d also like to mention a special thanks to the ‘Home Alone’ group who donated an incredible £100. Such generosity has meant that the pupils have now been able to select some books for the school library and all the money donated has been used for this purpose.

Once again, thank you for your kind generosity and thoughts. Every cloud really does have a silver lining!

Yours sincerely,
Mrs P Brown, Headteacher

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