Marham Infant School Green Cross Code Day


A chilly autumn morning, dark nights drawing in, a perfect day to go to Marham Infant School and teach them the Green Cross Code and how to stay safe when walking to and from school.

A team of four Mechanical Transport Flight Drivers consisting of Sgt Sonia Loughran, Cpl’s Steve Stork, Dougie Burnside and Aaron Smith, plus an extra pair of hands from the Contract Driver Training Clerk Nicky Cooke; all descended on the School armed with hi visibility vests, belts, torches, day glow stickers, leaflets, a power point presentation, and a home made ‘Lightning McQueen’ from the movie ‘Cars’!

The plan was to deliver two presentations to reception aged children lasting around 30 minutes each, the presentations including some talking, demonstrations, interaction, singing and lots of questions.

Cpl Stork took the reigns and started asking the children how they got to school today……some arrived by car, some walked, some cycled, some were on their scooter, some even tried to tell us they arrived by aeroplane! It was concluded that most had walked, which was perfect for the planned training!

Areas around the school were highlighted, which could prove either helpful when crossing the road or could prove to be dangerous. Steve also spoke about areas around the Nursery, reminding children not to cross from behind a parked car.

A willing volunteer was found and dressed in lots of reflective things to make him highly visible. He had a hi visibility belt on, a small torch in his hand and a day glow sticker stuck on the front of his jacket.
The children understood that the hi visibility vest went around the rucksack bag as well, ensuring the person remained clearly visible. The children pointed out how car lights shine off the strips on the jacket and this will help to stay safe.

The children were now getting into the idea of how to stay as safe as possible so it was time for MT to hone their acting skills and put on a demonstration. A make shift road and kerb was made to show the children where they should be standing when about to cross. Next they were taught the Green Cross Code. STOP! At the kerb and LOOK. They should be looking right, left then right again and when it was safe to cross to hold their parents hand and walk across to ensure they do not fall, and to walk in a direct line or take the shortest route. Whilst walking across to constantly LISTEN to any traffic that could potentially knock them over.

All what was left now was to finish on a high and get our expert road crossers on their feet and get them clapping to the Green Cross Code song to the tune of ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’

‘This is the way we cross the road, cross the road, cross the road this is the way we cross the road we – STOP- we LOOK and we LIS-TEN!’ The second time around everyone knew the words and all joined in!

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