Junior Leadership Course

Thirteen members of RAF Marham’s Supply Squadron (LSS) and two AESF personnel embarked on the Junior Ranks Leadership Course.

The purpose of the course was to promote teamwork, communication skills, self confidence, and personal development through a number of theoretical and practical leadership exercises.

The day began with the gathering of personal in the LSS tea-bar. As we waited for our instructors there was an air of intrigue, especially when it came to the five minute presentations which were expected to give. They turned out to be varied and interesting to say the least.

We were briefed accordingly by our Instructors including CT Martin Evans from AESF and given written leadership techniques that would help us throughout the day.

As a group we were expected to rise to the challenge of six practical exercises. The first was a test of map reading and setting up a camp, which we would use throughout the rest of the day. The first lead fell to SAC Baker-Jones from LSS. Showing enthusiasm and drive, he delivered the brief to the rest of the group and we set out on our way into the wildness. Upon receipt of all necessary items we erected our wind tunnel of a tent and a debrief was given on his performance by our instructor FS Fido and the LSS Sqn WO.

The other part of the leadership training exercise was to give a five minute presentation each on a subject matter we knew well. The presentations ranged from feather fence building to software programming and more practical ones such as paper airplane making. They were all diverse and gave the group an insight into their comrade’s personalities and interests.

As the day ended and tents were packed away, there was a sense of achievement felt by all in both groups. It was clear that not only were we tired but the day had given us all an insight into briefing techniques and other responsibilities that will be expected of us as JNCO’s in the future.

A comprehensive debrief was given back in LSS HQ by the instructors and feedback requested. In summary a good day had by all.

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