IX(B) Update: IX(B) Go North, Exercise CQWI



Aircraft and personnel from IX(B) Squadron deployed to Lossiemouth to support Exercise CQWI, a combined exercise which involved GR4’s from both Lossiemouth and Marham alongside Typhoons, DA-20’s, Hawks, Sentinels, a Sentry and a Hercules.

The main party travelled up via road on a glorious Saturday morning – wearily arriving at Lossiemouth after a mammoth 16 hour journey.

CQWI is a great opportunity for the aircrew to stretch themselves by participating in a large scale exercise. There was an intense four hour planning process followed by a sortie which involved up to 30 aircraft of various types, a simulated ground threat from surface to air missiles, as well as Typhoons, Hawks and DA-20’s acting as enemy aircraft.

After the long days during the week for both the engineers and aircrew, it was a welcome break over the middle weekend to partake in a range of Adventure Training activities that RAF Lossiemouth and the surrounding area had to offer. Teams participated in White Water Rafting, Rock Climbing, Hill Walking and Mountain Biking. The boss led the white water rafting charge and, if rumours are to be believed, CT Lester Piggott offered to Vaseline him up in order to allow ease of access into his tight but fetching wetsuit.

CQWI was another great opportunity for the Squadron; a combination of hard work and planning, with a chance to participate in force Development and team-building exercises.

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