II(AC) Squadron Update

On writing, IX (B) Sqn are due to replace us and time has started to slow. Looking back to that early July evening when we departed RAF Marham, where we stood savouring the light summer rain, loading bags and boxes onto buses, when those who’d not deployed before wondered what lay ahead.

As the UK’s fast-jet contribution to Op HERRICK, II (AC) Sqn have an important job to do. During our time on operations the campaign has transitioned from ISAF led Afghan supported missions to Afghan led and ISAF supported missions. Our role in that has been varied. We’ve provided, amongst other things, reconnaissance for future missions, over watch of ongoing missions, and a rapid response to ground forces under attack or at significant threat from the insurgency. II (AC) Sqn have flown well over 2,000 hours which is a fabulous engineering achievement.

Much of the ‘off duty’ time spent in the gym has produced a Squadron of even fitter and slimmer folk. It has also been the focus for our charity challenge; 100 years ago the Squadron was formed in Farnborough and moved to Montrose, a distance of 1,074 km. II (AC) Sqn challenged themselves to complete 1,074 km everyday for 100 days. With just hours to spare the distance was completed. This was helped by some very impressive individual efforts, an exercise bike in the Engineering Ops room in use almost permanently for 100 days, and team spinning classes. A significant sum of money has been raised for Scotty’s Little Soldiers. This small charity is dedicated to helping the children of men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice whilst serving in the UK’s Armed Forces. To donate, please visit www.bmycharity.com/2Sqn.

A second charity effort saw vast numbers of calendars and Christmas cards being sold in aid of Hounds for Heroes.  A huge thank you to everyone who has supported both of our charity pursuits.

As we prepare to hand over to IX (B) Sqn, we wish them a safe and successful tour.

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