II(AC) Squadron Hand Over Operations in Afghanistan to IX(B) Squadron

The last time II(AC) Squadron handed over to IX(B) Squadron was just over a year ago, on Operation Ellamy in Gioa Del Colle. This year, the Tornado GR4 Squadron are handing over to IX(B) Squadron in Afghanistan, after a four month tour spent at Kandahar Air Field (KAF).

II(AC) Squadron, known as ‘Shiny Two’ have been based at KAF for the past four and a half months, working hard to provide reconnaissance and close air support to International Security Assistance Forces (ISAF) and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) on the ground. In total, the Squadron has flown over 2,300 hours in support of operations.

The Squadron celebrated its 100th anniversary this year. Its original role in 1912, when the Squadron was first formed, was to provide support to ground troops during The First World War. It is fitting that the Squadron have been performing a similar role on operations today.

Officer Commanding II(AC) Squadron, Wing Commander Nick Tucker-Lowe said: “This has been a tremendously successful deployment for ‘Shiny Two’. The Squadron always strives for operational excellence and, due to the consistent diligence and determination of all the Squadron’s personnel that is exactly what we have achieved.”

The formal handover ceremony of II(AC) Squadron and IX(B) Squadron took place on Saturday 17th November alongside the Tornado GR4 aircraft. Wing Commander Andy Turk will now lead IX(B) Squadron on their four and a half month detachment, over Christmas.

He said: ”The Squadron have settled in very quickly, it’s a big challenge to take over at a pace like this. It is my aim to continue working hard with our ISAF and ANSF partners on the ground making sure that reconnaissance and overwatch are provided, and ensuring that those that are out on the ground are protected.”

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