II(AC) Sqn Update


During the last month on II(AC)Sqn there have been several key personnel changes.

The Executive Officer (EXO), Sqn Ldr Dan Yeoman, has moved on to pastures new at Permanent Joint Head Quarters. Dan has been on II(AC)Squadron since April 2011 and has seen the Squadron come through some interesting times. Sqn Ldr ‘Dutch’ Holland has taken over as EXO in his stead. On the ground crew side, Warrant Officer (WO) Andy McKie has left the Squadron and also the Service, after more than 34 years in the RAF. As the pictures show, he was dispatched in true RAF Style with a thorough soaking! He is replaced by WO Ian ‘Ginge’ Balderstone who joins us from 41(R) Squadron at RAF Coningsby. Flight Sergeant (FS) Nick Kelly has been posted on promotion to become RAF Northolt’s newest WO, so congratulations to him too. From the ‘Ops and Int’ side of the Squadron, Sergeant Dave Eley and Corporal Ange Mcewan are also moving on, although Ange has the longest journey, ending in Las Vegas! The value of the individual contributions these personnel made to the Squadron and it’s achievements during the last few years cannot be underestimated, with each of them playing key roles during Op ELLAMY and Op HERRICK. They will all be sorely missed, will always be welcome here and everyone at II(AC)Sqn wishes all of them all the very best for the future. Flt Lt Brett Fusco also left the Sqn recently, and for a while there was peace and harmony throughout Marham, with even the Tower commenting on how quiet it was… but then he came back, so it’s Ops normal again now!

We have also had some new additions to the aircrew side of the Squadron with the arrival of Major Stephane Peubez from the French Air Force and Flt Lt Nic Dearden. Stephane joins us as an experienced Mirage 2000 operator and ‘Dearders’ is fresh out of our own training system. We wish them both good luck for their tours at II(AC)Sqn.

Congratulations go to Chief Technician (CT) Percy Williamson and Mr Bob Fielding (Sqn BAES rep), who both completed another bike ride recently as part of a larger five man team. They rode from Lands End to John O’Groats. In early September, aircrew from II(AC)Sqn deployed to RAF Coningsby on Ex SAUDI BRITISH GREEN FLAG.  Flying along side Royal Saudi Air Force Tornado and Typhoon aircraft, the crews participated in a variety of complex training missions, enhancing the interoperability of the two air forces. The exercise was a great success, despite the early onset of autumn, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all participants.

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