Housing SFA Changes

Due to changes within the HIC and the reduction in numbers of Housing Officers at Marham, Pre Move out inspections will no longer be available, the HIC will, once notified of a move, send out a guide to help occupants to get their SFA ready for handing back.

The SCSO will hold a limited stock of the guides but initially Occupants should contact the HIC at Thetford with any questions.

SCSO will only be involved if there are any issues which require support to the occupants and DIO.

There will be an impact on occupants, when booking a Move out or a Move in, as Marham will only be served by a single Housing Officer and he covers other units within the Eastern region, so when booking appointments you may need to be flexible and ensure appointments are kept.

With the shortage of SFA at Marham and other units, please ensure you keep appointments, especially Move Ins and Move Outs as missed appointments have a massive impact on the next occupants and units.

Over the next few months please help by booking early for appointments, attending appointments and if you are having issues please contact the SCSO for help.

SFA Occupants Surgery which was held every 3rd Friday of the month has now stopped, if you are having issues with your SFA contact the HIC directly or the SCSO in the CS Hub.

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