Housing at RAF Marham

You will all be aware of the shortage of Service Accommodation and the impact it is having on families, not only those posted in, but those needing to move to a bigger property for welfare reasons.

At Marham there are many different types of SFA  ranging from 2 – 4 bed Ex Officers and lots in between; we would all like to be in the biggest with loads of space, but unfortunately this will not always happen and you will be offered what is available.

We know in some cases this will not be the ideal and circumstances may mean you will need help with the HASC to resolve any issues;  do be sure to speak to the SCSO before refusing the property as, once you have refused a property, you may have to wait several months before being offered another.

For those posted into Marham, you may be offered Substitute Service Families Accommodation (SSFA); at present families are being offered properties in local villages within 10 miles of the Station which can mean some of the support normally available will be limited; but we will always endeavour to provide support where we can.

All we ask is that if posted from another unit and you were fortunate in that you were in a property which was an Ex Officers and had a garage, remember you may not be fortunate enough to get the same at Marham; our properties are at least 50 years old and this is reflected in their layout.

Please speak to the Station Community Support Officer (SCSO) if you feel that the property offered may not suit your needs.

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