Household Recycling & Waste Disposal

Please be reminded that household waste should be disposed of responsibly and appropriate recyclable materials placed in the green bin.

In the kitchen, no foodstuffs should be washed down the sink – please scrape into the bin, this includes fats, oils or greases used to cook with. When cleaning a grill pan or frying pan the fat should be left to cool and then scraped into a suitable container such as an empty jar or carton and then disposed of in the bin.

Never wash fat, oil or grease into the sink. Even if detergent is used with hot water the fat will solidify when hitting the cold sewer walls and will collect other fat and debris, which will eventually block the sewer and cause flooding. Also remember that the toilet is only designed to cope with toilet tissue, water and human waste and NOTHING else should ever be flushed down the toilet.

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