Heart Start Life Saving Skills Event

Recently in conjunction with the St. John Heart Start Training programme the Volunteer RAF Ambulance Co-Response Team of Marham was asked if we could provide some input and training to 231 Norwich Air Training Corps as part of the squadron’s first aid syllabus and Heart Start Campaign week.

The idea of the Heart Start Training programme is to provide basic life saving skills to the general public. With the help of the Marham Team however this was able to be taken a step further.

Over the last year the East of England Ambulance Service in partnership with the Co-Operative and local communities has begun a community access defibrillator scheme. This scheme with voluntary donations and fundraising allows Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) to be placed in remote and rural areas where it may otherwise take an ambulance a considerable time to reach a patient suffering from a cardiac arrest.

In the UK today there are over 30,000 cardiac arrests which occur outside a hospital environment and of which statistically two thirds occur in the home environment and a third in public places. Shockingly however less than a quarter of bystanders who witness a cardiac arrest would feel confident enough to help.

With every minute reducing survival chances by as much as fourteen percent in a Cardiac Arrest this was the ideal opportunity to engage and train tomorrow’s adults to recognise a Cardiac Arrest and provide the life saving skills and confidence to help should any of the Cadets be unfortunate enough to witness a cardiac arrest at home or in public.

Demonstrations were given by Emlyn Sandvig and Ady Appleby who both ran two separate classes on CPR and the use of an AED. First cadets were shown by Ady how to identify when a patient had become a victim of a cardiac arrest and the first steps needed to summon help and begin the treatment cycle. This was then supported by a demonstration and practical exercise by Emlyn in the safe and easy use of an AED and the complete CPR treatment cycle. Flying Officer Jake Shinn Officer Commanding 231 Squadron and also a volunteer Co-Responder also got involved in a full demonstration from an Ambulance perspective to educate the cadets in how the Marham team would help in the same critical situation.

Flying Officer Shinn expressed “All cadets thoroughly enjoyed the experience, everyone told me how worthwhile they felt this training had been and each and every cadet expressed they would feel confident that if needed they could help save a life. This was a thoroughly worthwhile experience and we were very grateful of the help from the RAF Marham Co-Response Team.”

If anybody would like to know more about the RAF Marham Co-Response Team please contact Deputy Team Leader Emlyn Sandvig by email: emlyn.sandvig@eastamb.nhs.marhamresponse.com

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