Happy Birthday ISS

The ISS-RAFCRL Partnership at RAF Marham is now a year old. During the past year there have been many changes in Catering, Retail & Leisure at RAF Marham.

As with any new venture there have been highs & lows in what has proved to be a fast learning curve for the ISS-RAF CRL Partnership. Day to day catering has undoubtedly seen the biggest change and continues to offer the biggest challenge. With the “turning off” of the Daily Food Charge (DFC) Pay as You Dine (PAYD) was introduced in September. This gave the diner the opportunity to spend the money they wanted to spend on the meals that they wanted to attend, unlike when the DFC meant that the diner was paying for meals whether they attended or not. The money generated by “missed meals” then subsidised those that went for breakfast, lunch & dinner. With PAYD this does not happen, so the Classic or Core menu being the cheapest option as a bundle it is the most bought item on the menu, and brings most feedback from the customer. Since the introduction of PAYD the comments and suggestions made by diners have been actioned resulting in more offers, and all meals being “bundled” so that carbohydrates and vegetables do not have to be paid for separately when buying Express or Supreme Cuisine. PAYD is still in early stages and continuous improvement, with the aid of the diner, is very much a day to day project. The opening of the new servery will allow the full range of PAYD options and to enable this to happen the ISS-RAFCRL Partnership require the diners feedback as to what choices they want to spend their money on. Whatever Mess you use please help us to help you by letting us know your thoughts on how we can deliver what you the diner wants.

Both the SPAR Community & Convenience shops were refurbished at the commencement of CRL, and both shops have seen improved turnovers with a greater number of products on sale, and more & more Real Meal deals on offer.

Following a slow start the Bull & Bowl has once again proved to be a popular venue, and we are now looking towards the future, with a revised menu as asked for the customers. A committee is being formed which should see regular entertainment become more frequent, and a lot more use for the community. The success story within the leisure aspect of CRL has seen Louis’ Bar become more & more popular. Regular quiz nights, in house discos and friendly staff have seen Louis’ being used as a café during the morning and bar in the evening.

Sunday June 10th saw the re-launch of the Station Cinema in the Grafton Club. On a sunny afternoon families enjoyed a social gathering with the children being kept amused with a bouncy castle, face-painting, colouring, puzzles & a fancy dress competition, which was aptly won by “Miss Piggy”, prior to the showing of the latest Muppet movie. The Station cinema club committee ensured that the re-launch was a memorable occasion, and look forward to seeing more & more families at the Sunday Matinee, when they propose to have more of these family fun days prior to the film. The cinema will also be showing films on a Monday evening with doors opening at 19:00 and the film commencing at 19:30. To give more atmosphere Hot Dogs & Nachos are on sale at each showing, with more and more cinema favourites going to be made available in the future.

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