Ground Engineering Presentation to… Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service

Flight Lieutenant Simon Nelson-Kirby, 2IC Forward Engineering Squadron (FES) at Royal Air Force Marham, proudly presented a cheque for £1,129 to Sergeant Tim Oliver, the secretary of Lincolnshire Emergency Blood Bikes Service (LEBBS).

Each year, Ground Engineering (GE) personnel vote for a charity they want to support. At the 2012 AGM, Sergeant Shaun Hynd proposed that LEBBS be nominated, stating that many people commute from Lincolnshire and surrounding areas, and any funds raised would assist in establishing the Blood Bikes Service.

LEBBS is a team of experienced motorcyclists who volunteer their services to transport essential medical items including blood, plasma, platelets, biological samples, x-rays and medical notes between hospitals and healthcare institutions. There are currently 13 groups similar to LEBBS covering 32 Counties in the UK. This reaches more than 65% of the Country’s population. With planned expansion, this will extend coverage to over 46 million people.

LEBBS has 130 registered members on its website, with 100 expressing an interest in training and 20 already qualified. The team is made up of volunteers from all walks of life; Civilian, ex-Military and personnel currently serving in the Royal Air Force. The team already have three Emergency Bikes costing just under £8,000 each and now a fourth is on its way.

The LEBBS secretary said, “The money raised by GE is a significant amount, possibly one of the largest payments received and it will go towards putting the fourth bike on the road.”

LEBBS go live on the 1st April 2013 with volunteers on call from Friday 5th April. They are running on a trial basis with a radius of approximately 35 miles covering the Boston and Grantham areas. Once successful, there is potential to expand further and provide a service to a larger community.

Throughout 2012/13, members of GE have organised several charity events ranging from fancy dress themed evenings to participating in a Peddars Way run, covering 94 miles across Norfolk Coastline. Collection buckets, scratch cards and raffles were all utilised to build up the total amount collected. As Chairman of the GE Social Fund committee, Chief Technician Jay Hellawell expressed his thanks to everyone who had assisted in the organisation of the fundraising events and all its participants, especially the entertainments and charity representatives. This was an outstanding fundraising effort by all members of the GE Social Fund. The next AGM will be held on 21st February 2013 and FES will decide on which charity to support.

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