Grabbing the Bull by the Horns

As I prepare to depart and take my turn on Operational duties, I feel it only fitting to highlight a few observations since my arrival in January.

As a result of a short yet effective Summer Spree it’s obvious that we “Team Marham” all hold our unit in high esteem. Indeed, our standing with the local populace could not be better, and long may it last.

The Station continues to professionally and diligently demonstrate it’s abilities through both continued support to Operations around the world and more recently the ongoing Olympic commitment. As we approach the autumn, the Station will conduct an array of ceremonial parades, I kindly ask you support these prestigious events and help maintain the superb reputation of RAF Marham.

I finally ask that in my absence, you will collectively act on my behalf by upholding the finest Ethos and Traditions along with maintaining those all important Core Values and Standards.

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