Fundraising Event

Hello everyone at RAF Marham, my name is Ginnie.

Some of you will remember me from the Rainbow Centre where I worked in blue class. You will also remember that a young mum and her daughter lost their lives in January 2010 on the East Winch Road. This was my sister and niece. I have been thinking of them a lot lately and would like to do something in memory of them. My sister, Michelle, did some work for a charity called ‘Helen and Douglas House’. I would like to help raise some money for this charity. Helen and Douglas House help families who have children or young adults who have a serious illness. They help provide respite for the families who have to deal with a member of the family who is very ill or who is dying. My sister used to help raise money for this charity and I would like to ask if you could help me too. As you can see from my photo I have long hair. I have never had it shorter than my shoulders. For this charity I will be having it all cut off. Kelly Dunton of Hair Force at RAF Marham will be cutting it for me. She will be giving me an almost crew cut. This will be taking place on the 7th August 2012 so I would be grateful for any donations that you may be able to give. You can do this by going to clicking on the Helen and Douglas house logo and find my page under Virginia Knight then click on Virginia’s page for Michelle.

I would like to thank you for your time and hope that I will see some donations from you soon no matter how big or small. Every penny counts. Thank you again.

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