Force Development Squadron LEAPing into 2011

Force Development Squadron (FDS) provides the opportunity for all Service personnel to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required of robust and resilient airmen, fit for Operations in the UK and overseas. FDS offers a dynamic and varied programme with initiatives open to both civil servants and service personnel.

We are excited to present a diverse, customer-focussed solution that will offer flexibility, innovation and opportunities for all. Our programme underpins the FDS Mission Statement, which has been derived from both the BSW and Stn Missions, and supports our AOC’s Intent:

“To deliver flexible and customer-focused Force Development that is engaging and progressive iot prepare our people for current and future operations”

Training Development Flight (TDF)
The Station Training & Development Officer, Flight Sergeant TDF and TDF Clerk offer the following support and advice to all RAF Marham personnel, so please feel free to pop in and see us any time:

TATs: Calling all LACs – It is very important that you collect your Trade Ability Tests (TATs) part A from this office.
Road Shows: Coming to a tea-bar near you soon – For further info call FS TDF Ext: 6988.
Arrivals and the Station Orientation Brief.
ILM: Our most successful scheme ever: four free Courses and an assignment gets you an award with the Institute of Leadership & Management.
NLP: Interactive Neuro-Linguistic Programming workshop to help you establish a rapport with everyone you interact with.
Initial Commissioning advice.
Need help with your SJAR? We have just the course for you.
Got a presentation to deliver? We have the Audio Visual and Training Equipment you may need.

Development: Professional, Military and Personal because,
Every day’s a School day.
Various Hearts and Minds courses run by our Padres focussing on an examination of terrorism from the “human angle”.
Escape from the workplace.
Library: Air Power and the latest CASs’ Reading List are all in our Resource Room
OJTIT: a one day course for those that instruct in their workplace on a one-to-one basis.
Professional Coaching in the workplace.
Enjoyment guaranteed!!!
Nurturing your potential
Training Liaison Visits

And just remember… “The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” and we offer all the opportunities you could wish for.

Force Development Flight (FDF)
Are you interested in developing yourself or your team, seeking the opportunity to exercise leadership, team skills and knowledge of ethos and heritage?

If you answered yes to the above then Force Development Flight can help you!!

Our aim is to focus on:
Self-Awareness, Invest in the individual and help them to understand their own strengths and how to employ them to best effect.
• Team Dynamics, Learn about how people interact within a team, what they can contribute and how to adapt and integrate to better achieve the aim.
• Leadership Development, Understand and discuss the various leadership models and their different applications

To deliver this at Marham we offer a vast number of exciting opportunities, some of which are listed below:

Station LEAP, 13 dates between April – August; each involving four fun and practical activities.
Team LEAP, (Shopping List on Team LEAP Webpage)

• White Water Rafting
• Raft Building
• Climbing Wall
• Low/High Ropes
• Self-Awareness workshops (SDI, NLP, MBTI, Belbin)
• Local, National and Overseas Staff Rides
• Museum/ FD Visits
• Paintball
• Air Power discussion groups

Physical Education Flight

P Ed Flight
Much more than just fitness tests.

Physical Conditioning
Whether it’s a personal programme working towards your own goals or group sessions that you are after, we facilitate circuit training, boxercise, kettlebells, aero runs, battle PT or spinning to meet your individual training needs.

Adventurous Training
Do you fancy hill walking, rock climbing, Nordic skiing, sailing? You can take your section into the hills, onto the seas, experience new activities or become more proficient at old ones. Instructor qualifications in all activities are also achievable.

Station Commanders Cup
An opportunity for Squadrons and Sections to compete against each other in a sporting environment.

Station Sports
There are approx 40 sports clubs at RAF Marham, ranging from football to ice hockey to tenpin bowling and wakeboarding.

The rest is over to you – get involved!!

Learning Forces Flight
Learning Forces Flt (LFF) is more traditionally known as ‘The Learning Centre’ or ‘Education Centre’ – and we don’t mind what you call it, so long as you know where we are and what we can do to help you. Essentially, LFF is responsible for supporting your personal development (further and higher education courses, qualifications, learning credits) and includes the Resettlement Service.

LFF is a one-stop-shop for information, advice and guidance on adult learning matters, IT access, education/resettlement support and admin. We offer course/qualifications such as the ECDL, Prince 2 (Project Management), Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS), IEE Regs, French Language, and other courses where there is sufficient demand. We also work in partnership with other learning providers to provide qualifications via distance learning.

The Learning Centre Annual Open Day will be on Wednesday 18th May 2011 (1000-1530). A range of learning/training providers and professional organisations have been invited to spend the day with us. Stn personnel and their families can ‘drop-in’ throughout the day to seek information on what is available to them, chat to college staffs, and pick up brochures (as well as promotional items and a free ‘cuppa’).

The Learning Forces Annual Learning Awards recognise and promote Lifelong Learning throughout the Service community and award prizes for qualifications gained in the workplace, as part as a Personal Development Plan, or even just for fun. They are open to any member of the RAF and MoD Civilians so, if you are would like to share your learning journey, and the opportunity to win worthwhile Award/prize, contact the Learning Centre for application details. Closing date for applications 30th June 2011.

Force Protection Training Flight (FPTF)
Force Protection Training Flight delivers Force Protection training to personnel at Marham and surrounding Units. The training includes annual Common Core Skills qualification, Station Security Force training and Cat 1 Individual Pre Deployment Training. Marham is a regional training centre for the Individual Pre Deployment Training (IPDT) course so as well as supporting Marham personnel, the Flight train members from other Units who are unable to attend courses closer to home.

In addition to mandatory training, FPTF provide weapons training and weapon conversion training to all personnel requiring it in support of deployments; this includes live firing practices. Also, FPTF provides Drill Instructors to train the Station Ceremonial Flight for all parades on the calendar, and also supports other Units who require drill training. Finally, LEAP days feature prominently in the FPTF schedule, paintball being one of the most popular events run by the Flight.