Fenland Gliding Club

A casual glance up at the skies over Marham during the weekend will often reveal that our resident Tornado Squadrons are not the only users of the local airspace.

Operating two 2-seat gliders, two single seaters and a 2-seat powered glider, the Fenland Gliding Club offers the chance to enjoy a fantastic experience and a surprisingly inexpensive way to fly over the local area and beyond allowing an excellent opportunity for members to get air experience flying or train to become a qualified glider pilot.

The club, which is affiliated to the RAF Gliding and Soaring Association, has operated from Marham for over 40 years and, with a broad mix of serving and civilian members, enjoys a great wealth of gliding knowledge and experience and provides a welcoming atmosphere to experienced gliding enthusiasts and novices alike. Gliding also offers a great opportunity on those weekends when you are stuck on base, whether you fancy the rush of acceleration during a winch launch or the serenity of soaring over the local area and enjoying the view.

The club would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Nuffield Trust in providing the club with the ability to purchase and renovate a new club bus. Thanks to a generous grant from the Nuffield Trust, the club has recently acquired a new bus which, once the necessary modifications have been completed, will provide a spacious, comfortable and well-equipped mobile Ops Room and rest area, complete with refreshments and cooking facilities, allowing members to plan and brief their next flight or just relax and enjoy the buzz in comfort and style. The new bus should be in service by late-April, ready for the summer soaring season.

We also have an excellent clubhouse providing a workshop and comfortable bar area where we can do further flight planning, have our gliders maintained, sit the various exams for those wishing to progress to cross country flying, and relax with a drink in the evenings after a long days’ gliding!

The club operates (dependent on the weather) at weekends, Bank Holidays and at any time that an operational no-fly day is declared by Ops at Marham.  Members can arrive from approx 0930 at the steel hangar next to Air Traffic Control and we usually glide until the light starts to fade.

Membership is available to all Stn personnel, Service or civilian, and their dependants. Membership is very inexpensive offering some of the cheapest flying in the country.  Indeed, we offer an introductory offer for Servicemen who have passed their RAF Fitness Test of three free gliding flights and membership until the end of the season, so why not come over one weekend and give it a go?

Anyone who is interested in seeing what the club has to offer should contact Sqn Ldr Al Leech on Ext 6830, Fg Off Mark Lawton on 6240 or WO Dave Honour  on 5267, via the Marham switchboard 01760 337261.

If, however you see us airborne and would like to come out the airfield on impulse you can also contact us on 07999553425, which is manned during flying only, and we will come over to the camp to escort you out to our operating area in safety.

We look forward to seeing you for some excellent flying here at the Fenland Gliding Club.

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