FA Housing Service

The new Housing Prime contract, provided by CarillionAmey (CA) across the UK, to support Service housing (Service Family Accommodation) has now been in place since December and is slowly bedding in.

Although there have been teething problems, these have generally been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties following the intervention of the SCSO and the CAP.

The new Service, managed through one Helpdesk, covers all SFA related services such as managing: the applications systems; allocation; move appointments; maintenance; improvement work and the provision of SFA furniture.

The maintenance Helpdesk on 0800 707 6000 (repairs option1) is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week while the occupancy services Helpdesk, such as allocations, will be open Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1800 hours.

Most using the service, through the single Helpdesk have found it simpler to use and generally the follow up, in terms of maintenance and repairs has exceed the service level agreements. However, this hasn’t been the situation in every case and Community Support is working hard to ensure lessons are identified at every stage in order to maintain a continued improved of what is on offer.

Although full details of the new service were delivered to every SFA at the beginning of December the area where the majority of queries arise is around the repair response times, referred to as Repair Priorities


(Make safe resolution only) Immediate response (within 3 hours) Will call to make safe as soon as reasonably practical and once made safe, will follow up with a permanent repair classified in one of the standard categories shown below.


Will attend within 3 hours. Aim to complete the repair temporarily or permanently within 12 hours. This category applies to repairs that could have a significant impact on the family or property e.g. blocked drains or loss of lighting.


Will attend within 5 working days This category applies to faults that cause serious discomfort or those that can result in damage to the property or fittings e.g. blocked drains or a faulty cooker.


Will attend within 15 working days Problems such as leaking taps or broken door handles

Wind and Weatherproof:

Will attend within 20 working days Problems with fencing or leaking doors and windows.

If you have any queries regarding a repair or if  you are uncertain as to whether you have received the correct response to the problem raised, contact Flt Sgt Terry Norman the SCSO on Ext: 6052 or Mel Reed in the CAP, whose hours of opening are 9am to 3pm Mondays and 9am to 12pm Tuesday to Friday.