European Motoscape Banger Rally 2012

This year my family and I would like to raise money for two charities, Action Duchenne and Royal Airforces Association (RAFA). To raise awareness and money for these charities we will participate in the European Motoscape Banger Rally 2012. The challenge is to drive from St. Omer, France to Venice, Italy in five days carrying out various tasks set by the Motoscape Team. Teams will earn points for completing tasks. In summary we will cover seven countries in five days with a vehicle worth no more than £333. Our team name is Team RAFA Duchenne.

On the first day we will travel from Marham to St. Omer. In St. Omer we will meet approximately 65 other teams that are participating in the event. On the second day the rally really begins and all the teams will travel to Koblenz, Germany. We will visit the Nurburgring on route and also visit the museum of the ‘Battle of Ardennes’. Here there is a section that studies the British involvement in the Second World War. In the evening we will have the opportunity to go to the village of Winnigen which hosts one of the oldest wine festivals in Germany.

On day 3 we will visit Triberg which is home to Germany’s largest Waterfall and the world’s largest Cuckoo clock. Before arriving at our final stop for the night in Feldrick we will stop at Hockenheim Motor Sports Museum which has a huge collection of Formula 1 sports cars and motorcycles. Day 4 is the day that all the teams will be waiting for as its the day we will have the opportunity to drive the awesome Stelvio Pass.

We will have a great opportunity to take in the views, sites and 60 hairpin bends of the gargantuan Stelvio Pass before arriving in Iseo, Italy. Day 5 is the final day for completing the “Road Trip to Venice”. For Ferrari and Ducati enthusiasts the relatively short driving day will allow our team to make some mandatory pit stops. We will stop first at Maranello, the home of Ferrari and test drive some of their vehicles on their test track. The second stop will be in Bologna at Ducati, one of the main attractions of the journey for me. In the evening when we arrive in Venice there will be a prize giving presentation followed by a nice meal laid on by the Motoscape organisers.

By completing the challenge we are hoping that if nothing else we will be able to raise awareness for the two charities. As most are aware RAFA give a lot of support to service personal. They provide support for families when their loved one is away and also help if a loved one has been injured whilst away. Action Duchenne is a specific charity that is used to help raise awareness for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy(DMD). They raise money to help with research, as DMD is a terminal illness with no cure. They also provide support and help to families with a child that has DMD.

If you would like to help support team RAFA Duchenne or just be kept in the loop, go to; or If you would like to make a donation or sponsor us, got to; Every little helps and is greatly appreciated.

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