DIY SOS Marham Infant School

On Monday 23rd July a group of 35 eager volunteers undertook the role of painters and decorators for the Marham Infant School.

The planned event was to conduct a redecoration programme over two days whilst the school’s children were on holiday. Having acquired donations of magnolia paint, brushes and rollers, the volunteers arrived at 8am prompt.

After a short brief from Head Teacher Mrs Michaela Webb the team set about turning all walls to magnolia whilst adding gloss to doors, doorframes and skirting boards. It should be noted that some team members clearly missed the brief and concentrated on painting themselves. Concurrently other team members were either painting or reroofing outside sheds, gardening and in one case a bit of welding was needed to enable trolley wheels to function correctly!

I am extremely proud to be able to write that the event was a total success. On behalf of the school, my sincere thanks to all those willing volunteers who participated in the two day voluntary event. Please note, amongst the volunteers where a selection of individuals who in essence have nothing to do with the school but were purely willing to support the community.

Thanks to: Lee Colwell, Andrea Culley, Richard Wakeman, Chris Medley, Jodie Clarke, Emily Burns, Craig Longden, Luke Garrett, Phil Terant, Mark Farrar, Shuna Bonnar-Ford, Adrian Young, Jack Gane, Jake Gane, Dan Mustafa, Dave Brettel, Andy Turk, Dave Lamacraft, Jason Trigg, Stu Aikman, Josh & Jacob Day, Caroline Williamson, Lynne Martin, Ruth Pedley, Nicola Marson, Glynn McAlister & Padre Burns. Finally If I’ve missed your name “sorry” I know I’ve missed a few. You know who you are and that’s what counts…

To quote the BBC’s ‘DIY SOS’ presenter Nick Knowles at the end of his programme: “Isn’t it great to see what a community can do when they pull together!”

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