Cycle to Recovery

When I discovered my forthcoming four month detachment was to Afghanistan I considered the long journey home for our injured servicemen and women.

I want to help these individuals on their way to recovery and decided it to be a fitting tribute to mentally share the first trip home with them. I will be posted out of area during the hottest months of the year, so I am expecting temperatures of 45°C. I will be working 12 hour shifts and carrying out other duties whilst away on operations. Although doing this daily is a small challenge in itself the environment will also add to the difficulties. The distance between Camp Bastion Field Hospital and Birmingham Selly Oaks Hospital is a staggering 3,591 miles. I am going to cycle this massive distance while I am away at Bastion on a static bike for Help for Heroes. This will be an enormous challenge which will involve covering a minimum distance of 30 miles a day for 120 consecutive days.

I started my training many weeks ago for this mammoth task and all is going well although it is becoming a little tiring.

If anybody wishes to show their support, follow my progress or make a donation they can sponsor me online by visiting www.justgiving/Julie-Harden.

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