Whilst on a fresh morning running round the Airfield with the majority of Electrical Supply Group (ESG) Sgt Yogi Thompson placed the seed of thought in our minds about doing an event for Comic Relief.

That’s all it took for the challenge to be set. Initially we decided that we would try and complete 100 miles around the six mile perimeter of RAF Marham’s “peri track”. As we did the maths we thought that it wouldn’t be that challenging, from nowhere the target of 250 miles came up and the event was born, Challenge250.

We would run and bike a total of 42 times around the perri track within one day completing a total of 250 miles, whilst raising awareness and monies for the Comic Relief cause. Within 24 hours we had a website and JustGiving page set up for sponsorship, all we needed to do now was train for the event as we soon realised it was only three weeks away!

The event would require a few of us to complete marathon distances and added to that complete a bike of the perimeter afterwards.

With three weeks of training complete and the odd healthy meal it soon became the day of the event.

It was a refreshing -2°C, fortunately with no wind, we started running at 0650 hrs as we had no idea how long it would take us, or if we would be able to even complete the event.

It soon became clear after the initial laps that this would be a much bigger challenge than we all imagined. It became more about personal challenges trying to complete the required distance, we all struggled, but as we did our laps the rest of ESG were cheering us on which drove us to push harder. Bikers were given chocolate bars to hand to the runners, and when you are two hours into a run a milk chocolate bar is probably one of the best sites you can imagine.

By 1030 hrs we had completed 159 miles, we were well on our way to reaching our target. We all found it much more difficult than we expected but the team spirit and the passion to finish the event for such a great charity spurred us on.

By 1200 hrs we were ready to complete our last lap as a group. To show there support for the event we were greeted by Sqn Ldr Alexander OC LSS, and WO Roberts the LSS Sqn WO, we completed the final lap by 1300 hrs and totalled up our miles. We realised that we had actually completed 289 miles in total!!! A very exhausting but worthwhile event. From battling through personal goals to the overall challenge we were more than  proud of what we had just accomplished.

Post run we had realised that the minimum anyone had completed was 18 miles, all involved felt a huge sense of achievement. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank friends and family for their donations. The second part of our fundraising event took place in the Chaplaincy Centre, a cake sale, where we added to our Challenge250 total amassing a Grand Total of £984 for Comic Relief!

Written By: Cpl Mark Wookie Bell

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